Welaka Baptist Church
Welaka, FL


Jeri and I Distributing Christmas Stockings Full of
Goodies to Our Bus Kids

My Boys Sunday School Class - These Boys Would Be in Their 30's Today!

I Was Blessed to Be the Song Leader at Church

Preaching to the Junior Church Kids Each Week

These Were Some of the Bus Kids We
Visited Each Saturday and Picked Up Each
Sunday Morning on the Bus

Jeri and I with Daughter Kaylee Chatting
With Bro. & Ms. Tom Hayes Bro. Tom Was
Blind and A Great Preacher!
I Visited Him at His Home and Saw
the Biggest Bible I Have
Ever Seen - A Braille Bible!

Holding Daughter Kaylee While Showing The
Junior Church Kids The Quiet Seat Prize! Candy!

Family Pic Taken in the Fourier of The
Church - Only One Child Then... We
Would Go On To Have 5 More!

Kaylee and I Standing in Front of Our Bus

Jeri Passing Out Goodies to The
Junior Church Kids

Junior Church Kids Listening Intently?

I Loved to Play My Guitar and Sing
in The Junior Church!

We Counted it a Great Privilege to Serve the Lord at Welaka Baptist Church!

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